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IT'S COLD OUTSIDE Minus-19, -28 with the wind chill. But you know, it sure is pretty eh? (Environment Canada)

CLAC ATTACK In October, a controversial union that's new to Saskatchewan asked the Province's minimum wage board to lower the wages of young adult workers. The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour's Larry Hubich gave media outlets a copy of the CLAC brief and talks about it in this Leader-Post story. Prairie dog will dig into this in our December 17 issue, because it looks to us like there's a bigger problem with that brief. hang tight, only 13 more sleeps!

SPENDING OR REVENUE Here we go. The government is in fiscal crisis and the official buzz phrase is "spending problem". Murray Mandryk's got a story here that's worth reading (StarPhoenix). Prairie dog is getting caught up in this narrative too. Well, yes, Saskatchewan's gov't does have a bugeting problem but as anyone thinking for more than five seconds will rememnber, government provides needed and important services. Things like health care, income assistance, infrastructure maintenence, sports, arts and cultureal funding. It's not easy to cut billions of dollars. Let's not whip out an axe recklessly, okay? And in addition to the comparisons to the Devine Tories, lets also remember that when all governments ever do with taxes is cut them, they leave our economy vulnerable to resource revenue goofiness.

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS Canada has 7000 more. (CBC)

SARAH PALIN IS BOTH WRONG AND DANGEROUS She thinks it's legitimate to question the President's citizenship? But he's a documented U.S. citizen. So what's she trying to do--get him assasinated by a right-wing birther loon? Looks like it to me. (Salon)

SOMALIA HORROR An Islamic suicide bomber detonates himself at a medical college's graduation ceremony. Among the 19 dead are doctors, students and journalists. Awful awful awful awful. (CNN)

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Saskboy said...

After a bombing like that, it makes me glad that suicide bombers get the death penalty.