New Dog!

The new prairie dog is out as of yesterday and it's my favourite issue of 2009. On the eve of the Copenhagen conference on climate change, we have a huuuge feature written by Paul Dechene, Stephen LaRose, Greg Beatty and special guest-activist Jeh Custer on the debate around climate change. Of course, there isn't any real debate on climate change--there's just a massive, decentralized effort by vested interests, egomaniacs, ideologues andlunatics to derail climate negotiations. Meanwhile the planet keeps heating up. We're sick of the crap. This is prairie dog's pissed off, tell it like it is manifesto.

We've also got a good piece by Carle Steel on coyotes and their poor little paws, a fire and brimstone effort by John Conway (and it's sure nice having him back) and maybe the best band interview we've ever run--Chris Morin's conversation with Gwar's Oderus Urungous.

Plus News Quirks, Dining (The Hotel Sask brunch), Queen City Confidential, Top 6s galore, David Suzuki, News Briefs, street Wear, a film review, CD reviews and more. Good issue, pick it up! It's worth going out for.

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