Rosie LaRose's Tuesday Top Six

YOU MIGHT NOT BELIEVE IT TODAY, BUT … the 2000s were the warmest decade on record. (United Nations Climate Change Conference)

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION? Under the Bush administration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had all the regulatory power of a traffic cop at the Indianapolis 500, thanks to corporate lobbying and a general belief that environmentalism gets in the way of progress. Which is why the EPA’s new threat to Take Global Warming seriously should be taken with not just a grain of salt, but the whole shaker. (New York Times)

THEY’RE REALLY FNUC’ED THIS TIME When a student records a grade of two incompletes and a did not finish, they’d be on academic probation at the very least. So what happens when a college records the same record? (L-P)

AND THE BIG FOOL SAYS TO PUSH ON The Globe and Mail’s editorial board tears a strip off External Affairs Minister Peter MacKay’s bungling coverup of Afghani torture (G&M). But you can’t question why Canada is complicit in torturing Afghanis who may or may not be involved with the conflict without wondering what we’re doing there in the first place, right?

STANDING PATS One of the Regina Pats’ defensemen stages a walkabout (Rod Pedersen) and their top bantam draft pick can’t choose between Regina and … Weyburn? (L-P). Trouble in paradise … again.

WHAT AWAY TO GO More about Matthew McConaughey’s father than you really, really want to know – NSFW (holytaco.com).

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