A Funny Joke For Your Cold Co-Workers

It's -33 degrees today. Bleah. Everone is cold and sad. But you can help. Here's how to make your frozen associates laugh and forget their shiveries in four easy steps:

1.) Identify a frosty co-worker, and run up to them as if to provide emergency assistance.

2.) Lean back, reach for your fly as if to unbutton/unzip it*, and bellow in a heroic voice: "DON'T WORRY, I'LL WARM YOU UP WITH A HOT STREAM OF URINE." Draw out the "I'll" a little when you say this (for comedic verbal effect).

3.) Wait for the laughter to EXPLODE. You're soooo funny!

4.) Repeat often, all day long.

*This joke probably works better for boys than it does for girls. Humour is well-known for its sexism.

1 comment:

Dakota said...

Just tried it.

Thanks a lot! Now I'm out of a job.