Happy Birthday, Dog Blog!

Late in the day to mention this, I know, but better late than never right? Today is the one-year anniversary of Dog Blog. In the last year more than 10,000 readers have visited this blog to read some of our 1,156 (now 1,157) posts. A lot of people have contributed to making this site great, but a few names must be singled out for their copious and quality posts: Paul Dechene, for his ongoing City Hall coverage; Stephen LaRose for his many entertaining and often cryptic posts, Shane Hnetka for his unbelieveable month-long look at Halloween movies (and yes, he'll be doing something for Christmas flicks) and Greg Beatty for his countless posts and his daily event picks.

Thanks for following, more to come in the next 12 months--and some exciting changes, too.


Barb saylor said...

Happy anniversary.

observer said...

congrats dog bloggers

thanks in particular to paul for all of the city council stuff

can you let us in on any changes?

is rupert murdoch going to try to buy prairie dog and use it as a way to begin his "monetizing" of news?

is sergey brin going to try to buy it - and change the title to doogle or doggle; doggle bloggle; google doggy-bloggy?

are you going to meet glen beck over a beer aned tell us that he's quite a nice guy in person, just very passionate?

Saskboy said...

Happy Blogiversary!

limbot said...

happy birthday!!!