BREAKING TELEVISION RATINGS AS WELL AS HEARTS Sunday’s Grey Cup game drew the largest television audience in CFL history, watched by more than six million Canadians on TSN (Truth and Rumours). How many of them know who the 13th man was? Just wondering.

I’VE BEEN THERE Don Cherry was on Toronto sports radio station Fan590, offering advice to Ken Miller, where the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ last-play gaffe is getting more analysis than the Zapruder film. Cherry’s advice? Drink lots. (Fan590)

MEANWHILE BACK IN THE REAL WORLD African people like albinos … for the strangest and deadliest of reasons. At least 10,000 are in hiding, fearing for their lives. (msnbc)

BUT JACK BAUER DECLINED COMMENT Kiefer Sutherland endorses Medicare. (Larry Hubich)

PROBLEM IS, THE WHALES ARE STILL GETTING SHOT AT George Monbiot says Canada is to the environment what Japan is to whales. (The Guardian)

LINDA DOESN’T LOVE A MAN IN UNIFORM … FOR A REASON Shorter Linda McQuaig: Rick Hillier is a bully: Richard Colvin stand up to bullies. (Toronto Star)

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