This Week At City Hall

Monday, November 23
City Council (5:30 pm): Hot on the heels of the Rider's big finals win, Chris Szarka will be making his first appearance as a city councillor tonight. As will John Findura who didn't play in yesterday's game, but who was out for the recreation infrastructure funding announcement two weeks ago, so I got to shake his hand and chat with him a bit and he seems a nice guy, so you should come out to council to see him too.


Aaaaanyway, big items on tonight's agenda include rec infrastructure funding, an airport tax exemption bylaw, and the city manager's contract. That last item -- which includes an approximately $49,000 raise for city manager Glen Davies -- might raise some eyebrows. (L-P has it covered here.) Be interesting to see how discussion develops.

The complete agenda can be downloaded on the city's website.


observer said...

$100,000 excuse for the mayor to go the olympics

Paul Dechene said...

Yes. And that passed unanimously too.

As did the city manager's contract. There was a presentation by Lee Harding of the Canadian Taxpayers Association. I showed up 5 minutes late and missed it, but apparently, the mayor got pretty prickly with him for not sticking to the brief he submitted to council. (He hadn't brought a copy and was trying to call it up from memory.)

Clipsham laid into him as well. Apparently, Harding laid into the council in the media for agreeing to this contract. Clipsham -- and the rest of council from the look of things -- did not appreciate those remarks.

The basic argument for agreeing to Davies' pay raise was that the cost of hiring a headhunter, going through another competition for a city manager, then dealing with the changes a new manager would cause would be more expensive than this raise. (The mayor wondered aloud if Harding and the CTF would also have gotten up in arms if they'd used taxpayer money to do all that.)

Oh... another wrinkle in the story is that Davies apparently was headhunted by another municipality and had been offered more money than he'll be getting with this raise. So he's actually taking a pay cut to stay in Regina.