Six In The Morning

1 CHILD SOLDIERS ARE VICTIMS, NOT VILLAINS The Supreme Court of Canada will rule on the Omar Khadr situation tomorrow. A lower court previously ordered our government to bring the Guantanamo prisoner home, but our Conservative government--which doesn't want him back in Canada because, presumably, they're a pack of nasty dicks with a compassion deficit and screwy values--appealed. And here we are. (Globe And Mail)

2 SWINE FLU FEARS UNFOUNDED? Canadians aren't buying the hype. (CBC)

3 UNITED NATIONS INVESTIGATOR SLAMS U.S. FOR IGNORING HOMELESSNESS How can a country so full of wealth treat its poor like total crap, asks a UN special rappatour. (Guardian)

4 DON'T LET THE DOOR SLAM YOUR FAT, CRAZY ASS ON THE WAY OUT "Birther" bully Lou Dobbs leaves CNN. Is he headed for Fox? I betcha. (New York Times)

5 WHY GO THROUGH WHEN YOU CAN GO AROUND? Regina might get a highway bypass. (Leader-Post)

6 NEW STYLEY SPORTS HIJAB A fashion designer invents it, controversy follows but hey, sounds good, practical, inclusive and generally all warm, fuzzy and tolerant to me. (Toronto Star)

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