Six in the Morning

1. RECESSION EN ROUTE TO SASKATCHEWAN: The Sask Party's Sask party is coming to an end as Finance Minister, Rod Gantefor, announces the provincial economy will shrink in 2009 and we'll be in recession by the end of the year. (Leader Post)

2. MURDOCH DOESN'T THINK OBAMA RACIST... OR DOES HE? Murdoch has had to back away from his support for comments by Fox News loony, Glen Beck. Apparently, Beck, a much-beloved pundit/retard, accused the president of racism. Murdoch wouldn't go that far. (Guardian)

3. AT LEAST BRAZIL IS ON BOARD: Brazil will be making a voluntary commitment to deep carbon emission reductions at the Copenhagen Climate Conference. (Guardian)

4. IMMUNIZATION LINEUPS SHRINK IN REGINA: The line ups aren't so long anymore at Regina's H1N1 immunization clinic at Usher Collegiate. I can attest to this fact as I took my daughter out to get the shot yesterday. Yessir, we barely had to wait around for very long at all. Mind you, the bit where we had to sit in a holding area on metal chairs, all facing a wall-length mirror half covered in paper was pretty damn creepy. (No, seriously. They make you do that.) And of course, the bus ride took forever. Speaking of.... who's genius idea was it to put the clinic way the hell out at Usher anyway? For what percentage of the city is that location convenient? My theory: they put the clinic that close to edge of town just in case the Swine Flu spontaneously mutates into a zombie virus and the people in line go all berserk in an anthropophagus feeding frenzy. That way, they can drive the zombie hoard north onto the Ring Road to be run over by commuter traffic. And if a few zombies get into the Zellers... well... not really a loss, is it? But like I say, just a theory. (Leader Post)

5. CANADA - CONSERVATIVE STYLE: The feds are releasing a new citizenship guide. The primer on Canadian history and culture will be required reading for all new citizens to the country. Among the changes from the old guide, it puts our military's peacekeeping role in the background while having a greater emphasis on our long military tradition. Go figure. (Globe and Mail)

6. NEW DINOSAUR SPECIES DISCOVERED: Scientists have discovered a fossil oasis in Africa in which they found the remains of a new dinosaur, called the Aardonyx Celestae --- the name clearly a cynical ploy to get their species listed first in the Dino Dictionary. (Globe and Mail)

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