Please Forgive The Language: A Remembrance Day Commentary

Fuck war. Fuck the people who profit from it. Fuck the people who romanticize it. Fuck those who defend it as "neccessary". Fuck the pious who justify war through religion. Fuck the micro-dicked potbellied would-be generals with their Napoleon complexes and their "mommy dressed me like a little girl" need to prove themselves.

War is the failure of intelligence, compassion, diplomacy and creativity. War is the end result of short-sightedness, of defective leadership, of ego and ideology. War is the cannibalism of the young by the old and failed. War is a frightened adult child's need to dominate and control. War is a misguided and foolish craving for action when patience and reason is called for. War is the dance of death between the poor winner and the bad loser.

War is mass murder.

War is misogyny.

War is the last resort that almost certainly could've been avoided.

War is a unique agent of extinction.

War is never as far away as you think. Beware its eloquent defenders and its coarse cheerleaders. War is not a sport.

To hell with war.

Today is Remembrance Day.


observer said...

did you go to the remembrance ceremony?

Stephen Whitworth said...

Nope, went later and quietly and respectfully left my poppy.

Anonymous said...

War = Thinning out the herd = Bullshit!