Six In The Morning

ON CIVILIZATION'S MARCH TOWARDS COLLAPSE Want a binding climate treaty out of Copenhagen? Rotsa ruck. (Guardian)

ON THE SASK PARTY'S POSITIVE POLLING The Leader-Post has a huge, mega-ginormous feature on public support for Saskatchewan's Sask Party government, which is just a-sailin' along.

ON BRAD TROST'S IDIOTIC VIEWS ON TAXES The Star-Phoenix has a well-written and sober critique of the Conservative MP for Saskatoon-Dumbolt nonsensical and contradictory ideas about taxation. It is much more informative than me writing "blargh, Trost is unfit for office!" Although, he totally is.

ON THAT AWFUL SOLDIER MASSACRE IN TEXAS Holy crap. Terrorism, madness or both? (New York Times)

ON JUST DOING HIS JOB The Supreme Court overturns a decision against the Saskatchewan judge who had been found guilty of a "malicious prosecution" that ruined the lives of several innocent people accused of child abuse. (CBC)

ON SOME CAT THAT GOT SWINE FLU It's true. But it got better. (Toronto Star)

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