Pick of the Day: Books in the Brig

The Moscow Ballet is in town tonight to perform Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker at Conexus Arts Centre. This could have been a POTD candidate, I suppose, except the troupe doesn't actually hail from Moscow. Yeah, all the principles are Russian. But they're ex-pats, and the company itself is based out of Maryland. So calling themselves the Moscow Ballet is probably a tad misleading. Still, most of the dancers did train with the famed Bolshoi Ballet, so they obviously know a thing or two about pleis, jetes and the like. Last time they were in town, though, they used a really chintzy sound set-up that detracted greatly from the quality of the performance. So no POTD for them!

I've got what will likely be a far more interesting performance by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet lined up for a POTD next week anyway, so tonight I'm going to give the nod to Books in the Brig. It's being held at West Harvet Inn, and features five local authors who are short-listed for the 2009 Saskatchewan Book Awards -- Connie Gault, Trevor Herriot, Wilfred Burton, Jean Freeman and Andrew Stubbs.

The SBAs will be held at Conexus Arts Centre on Nov. 28. Unlike that relatively staid affair, this, as the title implies, is a pirate-themed event. To help get you in the mood, here's a hilarious clip from Family Guy (YouTube)

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