Pick of the Day: One-Take Super 8 Festival

We actually contemplated signing up for this festival, picking up a camera and cartridge, and making a film when the call for entries went out in early September -- or, at least, I did.
But my idea didn't scare up much interest among the rest of the prairie dog crew. It's just as well, as I ended up having some parental health issues to deal with in Victoria and wouldn't have been able to devote much time to the project. But it would have given us an interesting jumping off point for covering the festival. Instead of just interviewing organizer Alex Rogalski, or a couple of participating local filmmakers, as we've done in past years, we could've done an insider type article describing the process we went through to create what undoubtedly would've been a cinematic masterpiece (albeit one that likely would've entailed more than a few humourous screw-ups along the way).

Oh well, maybe next year.

Tonight at 8 p.m., the ninth annual One-Take Super 8 Festival screens at the RPL Theatre. Over 20 filmmakers are participating. Films generally run around three minutes, so you're bound to see some pretty neat stuff. To give you a sense of what you're likely to see if you attend, here's a film by Shawn Fulton called C6 H12 O6 from a past festival. (YouTube)

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