New Dog!

There's no ginormous overblown overwrought multi-page feature in the new prairie dog, out today at streetboxes, supermarkets, convenience stores, coffee shops, restaurants and all manner of local nooks and crannies. Come on, don't be sad. It's a nice change of pace from pages and pages of municipal election coverage. Instead of throwing all our mighty intellectual weight (such as it is) at a single topic (that most people don't give a rat's behind about) this time we're covering a whole, exciting spectrum of issues. (That's right, I said "spectrum" and we all know what that rhymes with.) For example we've got:

OHBIJOU! James Brotheridge calls their heavy-on-the-strings music chamber-pop and it's a good description of this rising indie band's sound. But what's the deal with their mold situation? Sure, they've fixed it--but at what cost? You'll have to read the interview to find out.

ELECTION WRAP UP! Paul Dechene caps off last week's City election and praises the lovable losers who were mowed down by the indestructible Pat Fiacco juggernaut.

NEEDLE INSANE The Saskatchewan Party goverment wants to reduce the number of needles available to addicts through harm reduction programs. Is this a good idea? Duh, no, of course not. Learn more in Stephen LaRose's action-packed and entertainingly-written report.

CARLE'S DAD DOESN'T LOVE HER ENOUGH Steel checks out the Rich Dad, Poor Dad real estate seminar that just blew through town and finds their advice.... expensive.

AND THERE'S MORE, MORE, MOREMOREMOREMOREMOREMORE!!! Dining Dave reviews the Crushed Grape, News Quirks is super funny, David Suzuki talks about something other than global warming (J/K), I forget what Gwynne Dyer's column's about, there's CD reviews and film reviews and news briefs and art and Street Wear, and snakes, bugs and rats and female comics characters and Queen City Confidential and all kinds of good stuff.

BONUS: This will be the last John Conway-free issue for awhile--that's right, he lost the civic election so he gets his column back November 19. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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