Ward 3 Candidates Debate Tonight

At the risk of being accused -- again -- of being too Cathedral focused, thought it worth mentioning the second Ward 3 All Candidates Forum takes place tonight. The fun starts at 7:30 and is happening at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre, 2900 13th Ave. (Apologies to the Heritage Community Association. They held the first Ward 3 forum last Thursday and I didn't announce it. My only defense is I forgot.)

For those with questions for incumbent Fred Clipsham or who want to see what the other candidates -- Don Young, Shirley Dixon and John Conway -- are made of, this is your chance.

I suspect there are other all candidates forums out there in buildings I don't pass everyday on my way to get groceries. If anyone wants to pass details along, please do.

While I'm on the subject, I was speaking to one councillor last week (who didn't know I'd use this on the blog so I'll leave his name out of it) about why there was no debate in his ward. He pointed out that generally it's up to the local community associations to organize such events and the one in his ward wasn't going to this time around.

But, he also talked about how such forums can be really unfair to challengers as the incumbent has a serious advantage by dint of having at least one term in city politics. He said that at the municipal level, for some candidates it's their first time running for any kind of public office and while they may prove a capable councillor once they're in the job, they're not always aware of the details of how municipal government works or even the minutiae of what council's been up to lately -- and that can make them look very bad in a debate.

Interesting points, I thought.

Probably not going to be a problem in the Ward 3 debate tonight as all four seem pretty seasoned at politicking. Fred's been a long-term councillor, Don Young's run for his job twice before, Shirley Dixon has experience in union campaigning, and, John Conway has long served as the squeaky wheel on Regina's Public School Board.

All in all, should be a good chance to hear some of the more divisive election issues get fleshed out and argued over.


observer said...

paul, i doubt if i'll make it, can you or someone take some video and put on on the dog blog?

" ... the incumbent is at a serious advantage ..." what a whiner!

observer said...

also, do you know who is moderating, or even if there is a moderator? the last forum i went to was at the cathedral in 2004. the moderator let the candidates and some audience members waffle on endlessly, thank god brian rands was there for some light relief

Paul Dechene said...

I'm not 100% certain on this, but I believe the moderator will be Dave Arnold from Newstalk 980.

And video might be tough. Most of the prairie dog crew will be burning the midnight oil at the office putting the finishing touches on our election issue. And I don't have access to video equipment. I'll cover it best I can though on the blog. (And I'll try to use really evocative language maybe.)

Pity you can't make it.

Paul Dechene said...

Actually, come to think of it, I seem to recall you had some pretty pointed questions for the Ward 3 councillor on the subject of housing. Did you ever get a chance to put them to him? If so, what was his answer?

observer said...

i never did talk to him on that subject

observer said...

paul, did you go to this? anything interesting to report about it