Rosie LaRose's Top Six on Tuesday

1. CANADA’S TEAM, EH? The nearest I have been able to figure out, the Saskatchewan Roughriders set, if not a record, something noteworthy during Sunday’s 44-44 tie against the Calgary Stampeders at McMahon Stadium. All the Riders' points were scored by Canadians. Fullback and Regina city councilor wanna-be Chris Szarka scored three touchdowns, Chris Getzlaf scored one and Andy Fantuz scored the other. Placekicker Luca Congi kicked four extra points and two field goals. (cfl.ca)

2. YOUR CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT IN ACTION The fact that someone installed a doorknob at a Charlottetown RCMP detachment is proof that Stephen Harper’s stimulus plan works (cbc.ca). Well, there are a lot of doorknobs on that side of the House of Commons, you have to admit.

3. UP, UP AND AWAY Arianna Huffington pwons American celebrity culture and Balloon Boy’s parents. (Huffington Post) Oh yeah, these parents look like real winners. (CNN)

4. CHINESE DEMOCRACY CANADIAN STYLE My money’s on Axl not showing up (Leader-Post).

5. GETTING THE VOTE OUT Here’s an idea – instead of begging people to vote, why not have a political system where people’s voices are more important than businesses and self-appointed don’t-tax-me-don’t-tax-thee groups? (cbc.ca)

6. I WAS OLNY FOLLOWING ORDERS! When the Second World War ended, there was a host of surviving German generals who wrote their memoirs, blaming the loss on Hitler and the Nazis’ incompetence. Admittedly, such books are more interesting than hearing from the winners (Winston Churchill’s six-volume History of the Second World War notwithstanding). But at the risk of invoking Godwin’s law, former Canadian top soldier Rick Hillier is starting the same blame-the-politicians campaign in today’s Toronto star (Toronto Star). After spending $10 billion and losing nearly 140 men in an unwinnable war, he’s now doing what I was doing in 2003 – questioning why Canada has troops there in the first place.

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