The American Dream

Right. The American Dream has been demonized, says John Thain, former head of Merrill Lynch.

Umm, now, as a Canuck, perhaps I'm wrong about this, but I always thought the American Dream was where anyone could have a good idea, work hard, act ethically and become a success. Guess I was all wrong about that.

Apparently the American Dream is really about moving up the banking oligarchy, coming damned close to bankrupting your own country, going on the hook for up to $17 TRILLION WITH A 'T" taxpayer dollars, then bitching that the plebes aren't treating you with due deference because they're a tad pissed about the whole thing.

Holy crap. These people haven't learned a damn thing. I've been more than a bit bearish on the States over the past few years, but I was hoping against hope they'd keep it between the ditches and figure it out like they always have before.

But if they can't bring people like this to heel, it's official. They've jumped the shark.

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