Pick of the Day: Apocalypse Cancelled

I alluded to this talk in my Pick of the Day post for Sept. 22. The guy's actual name is Lord Christopher Monckton. In his publicity photo, he looks like the classic British upper-class twit, complete with pursed lips and tweedy aura. He's one of the world's leading climate change deniers who skilfully uses the language of science and pseudo-facts gathered from here and there to advance his cause. Here's a site that debunks his "arguments" (Deltoid)

At our story meeting Sept. 23, the idea of "pieing" him was actually floated. That's not really our style. It's probably not yours either. But hopefully members of Regina's green community will make their presence felt at his talk (which is being held today at the Delta Hotel at 11:45 a.m.). Heck, kill two birds with one stone (if you'll pardon the environmentally unfriendly analogy) and send the sponsor the Frontier Centre for Public Policy a message too.

Alternately, Monckton is scheduled to debate University of Regina Poli-Sci professor Jeremy Rayner at the Recital Hall (Rm. 214), College Ave. Campus, between 2-3:30 p.m.

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