Radiothon wrapping up

Hopefully, it isn't too late to put in a plug for CJTR's Radiothon (cjtr.ca). During the donation drive, different programs are announcing different prize giveaways for donations, but the overarching one is an entry for every $25 you donate means you've entered a draw, with the winner receiving a trip to a Mexican resort. (My mother-in-law is pulling for my wife and me to win – on the provision that if we go, I have to make my own way back – 'it'll save the travel agency some money,' she says.) The fundraiser ends Friday, I think.

In all seriousness, they're looking to raise in the neighbourhood of $20K, and they deserve every penny. The radio station has done so much for the Regina music and cultural scene – it's time to reciprocate a little love their way.

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