Pick of the Day: Arctic

Not to be confused with the English alt-rock band the Arctic Monkeys (or the weather, for that matter), Arctic is a Vancouver-based ambient rock band fronted by Marcus Martin. Having spent his childhood in Yellowknife, Martin comes by his band's moniker honestly. In 2007, Arctic released Today Brought Me Here-- a CD unique for the fact that if you went to http://www.projectarctic.com/ you could design your own cover for it. Tonight, Arctic is at O'Hanlon's Pub with the Calgary band Friendo. Here's video of Martin and his band performing a song called "Some One Turning". (YouTube)

Famed U.S. crooner Tony Bennett is in Regina tonight too. Here's some video I found on YouTube of him performing a song. I wouldn't call it a duet, although you should be tickled to see who he's singing to.

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