Public School Looking Very Divided

Incumbents Dale West and Barbara Young are looking pretty locked in to return to school board. Joining them is newcomer, Angela Fraser who won Subdivision 7 by acclamtion. Young and West are part of the council that brought in the controversial 10-year renewal plan, while, according to her campaign literature and profile, Fraser is also a booster of the plan.

Meanwhile, Carla Beck -- Real Renewal member and a critic of the plan -- who won Subdivision 5 by acclamation will find support from Cindy Anderson who is looking very strong in Subdivision 4.

The final winner by acclamation, Timothy Stobbs, and leader in the Subdivision 6 race Katherine Gagne are less strident in their critiques of the plan.

So... in short, three plan supporters, two opponents, and two I can't say one way or the other for certain.

A very fractured result. Curious to see how this board will work out.

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