Mayor Pat Is Back

I'll tell you, people do love Pat Fiacco. Not everyone but more than his critics might think. Semi-interesting story: when I was in Saskatoon last weekend buying the World's Greatest Awesome Rockaroll Coat (but I digress), I was talking to the shop owner about our two cities, comparing what we like and what we don't, that kind of thing. This guy raved about Regina's political bench boss. "He's terrific," said this businessman. "Great promoter of Regina. Not like our mayor at all."

So there you go. Saskatoon wants our mayor. The one guy I talked to proves it.


Illuminations said...

I guess it helps when dealing with the promoters of rock bands 30 years past their prime looking for new, desperate markets to tap.

Jim said...

I'll tell you what, Mayor Fiacco knows how to run a dog and pony show and be all full of smiles and energy. He is the guy who screws you over and makes you love him while doing it because he's such a good cheerleader. It doesn't matter that the cheers have no substance whatsoever.