Here's Your Municipal Election

A few more names made it in right at the end: Katherine Gagne will run in Subdivision 6, Donna Standingready will run for council in Ward 8, while Frank Fiacco and John Stevenson will run for spots on the Separate School Board.

And with that, the nominations are now closed and this is what the election is going to look like. (* indicates the incumbent)

Pat Fiacco*, Jim Elliott, Linda AM White

Ward 1: Louis Browne*, Shawn Kuster, Andy Asherbranner
Ward 2: Jocelyn Hutchinson*, Heather McIntyre
Ward 3: Fred Clipsham*, Don Young, Shirley Dixon, John Conway
Ward 4: Michael Fougere*
Ward 5: Bill Gray*, John Findura
Ward 6: Wade Murray*, Brenda Mercer
Ward 7: Sharon Bryce*, Danny Berehula
Ward 8: Michael O'Donnell*, Donna Standingready
Ward 9: Terry Hincks*
Ward 10: Jerry Flegel*, Chris Szarka, Michael J Cassano

Subdivision 1: Timothy Stobbs
Subdivision 2: Barbara Young*, April Bourgeois
Subdivision 3: Dale West*, Dr. Shauneen Pete, Larry Davis
Subdivision 4: Cindy Anderson, Frederick Rackow, Chad Blenkin
Subdivision 5: Carla Beck
Subdivision 6: Debra Conlin, Don Wren, Katherine Gagne
Subdivision 7: Angela Fraser

Gerald Kleisinger*, Rick Turchenek*, Robert Bresciani*, Bert Yakichuk, Vicky Bonnell*, Jim Graham, Donna Ziegler*, Jerry Adams*, John Stevenson, Frank Fiacco

Congratulations to Councillors Michael Fougere and Terry Hincks who are running unopposed (in Wards 4 and 9 respectively) and get to take this election off. Same goes for Timothy Stobbs in Public School Board Subdivision 1, Carla Beck in Subdivision 5 and Angela Fraser in Subdivision 7.

The municipal election will be held October 28.

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