Four in the Afternoon

Man, the phone just would not stop ringing this morning then I had to bundle my daughter off to a "Kids Music and Motion" class at the Neil Balkwill Centre. That's why you're getting another late and truncated dose of headlines....

1. NOMINATION DEADLINE LOOMS: These are the last few hours for people to submit nomination papers to run in Regina's municipal election on October 28. At 4:01, we'll know who's running and who's won by acclamation. Keep an eye on the city's election Twitter feed to find out who the final candidates are. (the Twitter)

2. CANADIAN SOLDIER GETS FOUR YEARS FOR KILLING FRIEND: Cpl Matthew Wilcox was sentenced to four years in prison and was dismissed from the military for accidentally killing -- during a game of "quickdraw" -- his tentmate in Afghanistan. (CBC)

3. SASKATCHEWAN POPULATION NEARS ALL-TIME HIGH: We're 1,030,129 people strong. Only need 3,000 more to top the all time high in 1987. (CBC)

4. ECONOMY GETS A FLAT: Throwing into question reports of a recovery, numbers from July indicate the Canadian economy failed to grow. (Globe and Mail)


observer said...

paul, can you or anyone tell me why it would be a good idea to nominate at this late stage?

Paul Dechene said...

Not sure I follow your question, Observer. Maybe some candidates were biding their time and making strategic decisions about which ward or subdivision to run in? I don't know. That's pure speculation on my part. Maybe some people only entered because they didn't want to see their ward or subdivision be decided by acclamation. Again, pure speculation.

What're your thoughts on the subject?

observer said...

right. good for those who might run to avoid the incumbent being acclaimed

my point is that if a candidate wants to win, they'd be better off starting their campaign for 2012 on october 29, 2009, instead of september 2012

Emmet Matheson said...

Has Fiacco ever stopped campaigning?