When sign design goes awry

I'm sure I can't be the first person to have noticed the Pimpark sign near the corner of Broad and 11th, though I'm not sure if Pimpark noticed it when they were designing this sign (or the logos on their website, for that matter).


Perhaps it's a reference to the ever-popular 'Pimp my Ark' chapter of Genesis wherein Noah totally puts a 52-inch plasma TV in the back of that shit ... for the unicorns, you understand.

Or maybe it simply proves that no matter how cute a company's pseudo-manga-inspired mascot is, no one is above a freudian slip.

Nonetheless, legend has it that if you stand near this building and listen closely on Monday mornings, you can hear a voice in the wind asking "Where my money at?"


Paul Dechene said...

My first winter here, at the Fire and Ice festival, the snow sculpture Impark had sponsored in Victoria Park was a melty castle kids could climb into and slide out of. The Impark logo was spray painted onto the side in that same unfortunate orientation. So, yeah, it looked like kids were being lured into a pimp ark.

Tyler said...

Yeah, I noticed that, too! If I wasn't so lazy, I would have submitted it to Fail Blog.

Stephen Whitworth said...

I've been calling them "Pimp Parks" since 1994. So there.

Dakota said...

Well, at least Pimpark openly admits it now.

Anonymous said...

ahaha I always notice that when i got to "the hoes" definatly super pimpin