Pick of the Day: Valentines Day Massacre

Not technically on Valentines Day, I know. But V-Day is on Sunday this year, which means that a lot of people are likely going to be celebrating tonight. Among metal heads in Regina, this gig at the Exchange has developed into a bit of tradition. Featured performers this year include Orbital Express, In Darkness, Plagued Inferno and Bugs Moran.

No, my mistake. Moran was a major player in the St. Valentines Day Massacre. That happened in Chicago back in 1929. Prohibition was still in force, and two powerful gangs battled each other for control of the illegal booze biz in the city. Based on the south side was an Italian emigre gang headed by Al Capone (pictured). The north side, meanwhile, was the territory of an Irish-Polish gang headed by Bugs Moran.
The two gangs had been rivals for years. But on Feb. 14 tensions came to a head. With Capone conveniently vacationing in Florida, four men, two dressed as cops, entered a north side garage at mid-morning and machine gunned to death five members of Moran's gang and two other men who were loosely affiliated with the gang. Moran, himself, escaped the slaughter, but his gang was severely weakened. And Capone came under increased federal scrutiny for his gang activities, and in 1931 was jailed for 11-years for income tax evasion.
If metal isn't your scene, the Regina Symphony Orchestra is presenting a special Valentine's-themed concert at Conexus Arts Centre tonight featuring compositions by Tchaikovsky and Ravel called Romance of Dance. Also, a new comedy showcase kicks off at Gabbo's Nightclub. Hosted by Shawn Hall, the Comedy Grind runs every Saturday at 9 p.m., and will include a mix of stand-up and sketch comedy, improv and short films. As well, there's a show at the Club featuring Sincerely Autumn and several other bands. Finally, Loverboy is at the Casino.

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