Pick of the Day: Football

Hey, a guy can dream, can't he? I mean, what better way to spend a Sunday than watching football on TV? Sadly, this marks the first Sunday since probably late June that there hasn't been a football game of some sort on the tube (CFL, College, NFL).

That blissful situation ended last Sunday when the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 to claim the Superbowl title. In years gone by, we could have got a bit of a football fix by watching the Pro Bowl from Honolulu. But this year, for some unexplained reason, the NFL elected to move it to the Sunday between the Conference Finals and the Feb. 7 Superbowl. Don't ask me why it did that, I don't have a clue.

Outside of a noon hour musical brunch being hosted by Regina Lyric Music Theatre at the Hotel Sask, and a gig tonight by Hughston at Lulu (639 Victoria Ave), and a Grade 8 theme party type dance at the Cathedral Village Freehouse and the regular Sunday trivia night at O'Hanlon's, there's not a heck of a lot going on in Regina. Although the RPL does have a couple of interesting flicks. At 9 p.m. it's comedian Chris Rock's investigation into the mystique of hair in female African-American culture Good Hair. Here's the trailer. (YouTube) And at 7 p.m., It's New York, I Love You which consists of a succession of short films directed by diverse talents in the film industry. Here's the trailer (YouTube)

Outside of that, I got nothing.

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Paul Dechene said...

Hey Greg! It's February 14 so there's a holiday happening that you left out. Chinese New Year! As I type (about noonish), lion dancers are at Langs Cafe bringing in blessings for the Year of Tiger. Earlier today they were at Ngoy Hoa Asian Foods (on 11th, I do believe). Tonight, they'll be at DOSU Wok in Pilot Butte.