Six In The Morning

1 OH PLEASE OH PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE Polsters at EKOS say Canadian voters want to toss out the Tories. (Globe and Mail)


3 HEALTH NEGOTIATIONS HIT IMPASSE Saskatchewan's health unions say a 9.5 per cent raise over five years is not enough. They says it's below market value and won't solve problems like recruitment and retention of specialized workers like medical radiation technologists. And they say the government's take-it-or-leave-it negotiating from behind the new essential services legislation is ridiculous. (Leader-Post)

4 SOTU! I didn't watch U.S. President Barack Obama's state of the union address last night because what could he possibly say about his broken, doomed, ruined, depressing country that would cheer me up? Well, there were at least a couple of interesting moments, apparently. Obama slammed a recent, terrible U.S. Supreme Court decision to let anyone spend as much money on political campaigning as they want, and one of George W. Bush's right-wing dipshit "activist" (ha! take that!) judge appointees was filmed mouthing "not true". (Washington Post)Sorry dude, it is true, you're stupid and you helped hand your country's democracy to those with the most money even more than it already was.

Obama also promised to have Don't Ask, Don't Tell repealed this year. DADT is the U.S military's stupid policy that demands gays get kicked out if they don't keep their sexuality a secret. Now, Obama could and SHOULD just suspend enforcement of DADT immediately--in fact he should've the week he took office--but this promise isn't a bad one. But he's up against some uptight opposition--check out these photos of the unhappy joint chiefs of staff: they clap for war, they sit for gays. Assholes. (Joemygod)

5 HA HA, SASKATOON SUCKS Regina will plow suburban streets, Saskatoon won't. Eat that, Bridge City! (CBC)

6 A RAINBOW OF DINOSAURS Was on the Guardian's site reading up on Apple's new iPad last night looking for something to link to in this morning's post. Well, instead, I stumbled across this story on the Guardian's science pages and it's more interesting than Steve Job's portable web-thing: Science (which is great!) has apparently been able to figure out the colour scheme of a dinosaur by studying fossilized pigments under a microscope. Sinosauropteryx was brown and had a "a raccoon-like tail marked with alternating russet and white stripes."

Also on the Guardian: why aliens are having trouble hearing us.

Science is supercool. Way more interesting than musty old fairy tales about how Noah couldn't fit the brontosaurs* on his ark.

*Yes, yes. Apaptosaurus. I know.

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It is difficult to find the words to fully express my love for dinosaurs and dinosaur-related news.