Six In The Morning

1 OBAMA CLOBBERS WALL STREET WITH NEW RULES Huh. Sounds like someone's a little bitchy about yesterday's bullshit in Massachusetts. Good. It's about time. (Guardian)

2 SATAN DEADLOCKED WITH CYNICISM The Liberals, the party of moral cancer, are just about tied in the polls with Stephen Harper's Conservatives, the party of ultimate evil. Hooray? (CBC)

3 REST IN PEACE Canadian writer Paul Quarrington has died of lung cancer at the age of 56. His famous book was Whale Music, about a fictional rock and roller. (Globe And Mail)

4 NEW GM FOR THE RIDERS? Are we really hiring someone from...Winnipeg? Ewww. (Regular readers will recall I'm a recovered Winnipegger.)

5 THE MIDDLE-CLASS TERRORIST SITCH Haroon Siddiqui lays it out. Shorty version: understand the problem, engage the Muslim community, don't live in the fantasy world that says Western foreign policy and Islamic anger aren't connected. Good read, go read it. (Toronto Star)

6 AUSCHWITZ SIGN RETURNED It's in rough shape, but it's back. (Kraow Post)

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