Six In The Morning

1 END OF A MEDIA ERA Well, despite efforts by CEO Leonard Asper, Canwest's newspapers are up for bank auction. The Globe and Mail reports the Canwest boss sent a letter to the Bank Of Nova Scotia arguing that selling his family's papers in the current economic climate would be bad for shareholders. Scotiabank, which leads a group of secured creditors, basically told him to get lost. (Globe And Mail)

2 HUGE SEARCH FOR MISSING REGINA WOMEN But Carlene Walters, a post-traumatic stress disorder sufferer who's been missing since randomly leaving her home Dec. 30, is still missing. (Leader-Post)

3 LIBERALS GO ON THE ATTACK The federal party slams the Tories for shutting down Parliament in a new advertising campaign (Toronto Star). Good. Really, Canadians should be protesting this in the streets and they're not. Maybe a few partisan TV commercials will wake up the sheeplings who don't read the Economist.

4 SCHOOL BOARD DREADS CUTS A Saskatoon school board lays out its problem with provincial budget freezes and reckless tax changes. Repeat after me: former School Board trustee John Conway has been proven correct when he said taking taxation powers away from school boards would cause huge problems. (StarPhoenix)

5 PROP 8 CHALLENGE HITS COURT; JUDGES BAR YOUTUBE BROADCAST The completely irrational and insane citizen-voted California law that blatantly discriminates against gays and lesbians is being challenged in the state's supreme court today. But you can't watch the action live on YouTube, because U.S. conservative gay-bashers succesfully whined to judges that their bigot-allies testifying against gay marriage have a right to spew their hateful bullshit without their faces being on the Internet. How conveeeeeeeeeeeeenient. (LA Times)

6 ENTER THE SEXBOTS Here's a preview of the future. Get used to this kind of stuff. It's only going to get crazier. (Toronto Star)

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