Six In The Morning

1 BANKRUPTCY 2: THE FALL OF THE POST Can-West just put its newspapers into bankruptcy (CBC/Canadian Press). Before, they'd been mostly weathering the storm. I imagine this means no National Post tomorrow. I also hope my friends at the Leader-Post will be okay. (No, that's not sarcasm.)

2 WILL TILLMAN GO? One unnamed rumour-mongerer says yes. (Leader-Post)

3 PILING ON THE PRIME MINISTER The politician prairie dog has been warning everybody about since he took over the leadership of the Alliance party is getting blasted by political writers and respectible publications. Yesterday Vanda posted a link to this story in the Economist. The Guardian's been running columns on Harper's suspension of parliament. And there's this today, in the Globe and Mail. Harper is bad news--yet only 53 per cent of Canadians think it was wrong of him to suspend parliament. (Toronto Star). Ridiculous! He's the worst Canadian politician I've seen--far worse than Mulroney, who if nothing else at least has a pleasing William Shatneresque charisma (yeah, I have a man-crush on Shatner. Don't think too poorly of me.) Harper's party must be blocked from power. Wake up, my little sheeplings, we have work to do.

4 IT'S COLD OUT, SO CLIMATE CHANGE ISN'T HAPPENING Here's the problem with that argument. (The Guardian).

5 WE BANNED HIM FIRST, EGYPT! CHEW ON THAT! Contorversial British MP George Galloway has been deported from Egypt after he tried to deliver "aid and supplies" to the Palestineans. (Guardian) You may recall Galloway being barred from Canada last March (Dog Blog). Meanwhile, George W."I start bogus wars that kill hundreds of thousand of people" Bush is of course still allowed to enter both Canada and Egypt.

6 INSUFFERABLE BOOMER TO REPLACE HIP GEN X-ER IN SOON TO BE CRAPPY LATE-NIGHT TALK SHOW TIMESPOT? Well, this is just spiffy. (New York Times) NBC should've stuck it out. Whatever. I think CBS should hire Conan O'Brien away from his current lame-ass, stupid, old-fashioned network. Here's more on that. (Salon)

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