Pick of the Day: These Hands

So, how goes it? If you're reading this, that means you were able to survive the rigors of the holiday season. Some of you have perhaps had enough "fun" for awhile and are planning on taking a bit of a break from the bar/nightlife scene to give your pocketbook/stomach/brain a break. If you are, that's fine. But if you, like me, had a relatively quiet Christmas season, and have ambitions beyond just sitting on your ass watching world junior hockey and college football on the tube, or perhaps dropping by Government House this afternoon for the Lt. Governor's annual New Year's Day levee, you've come to the right blog post.

Being New Year's Day, pickings are admittedly a little slim tonight. There is the two films I mentioned yesterday at the RPL, along with the normal slate of flicks at the Galaxy, Southland and Rainbow and Paradise cinemas. But O'Hanlon's Pub is also hosting a gig by sing-songwriter Michael Hanson who records and performs under the name These Hands. Originally from Prince Albert, Hanson's been based out of Saskatoon for the last five years. In that time, he's performed with the likes of Chad VanGalen and Patrick Watson. Tonight, he'll be backed up by the Saskatoon group Arms Up.

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