Pick of the Day: Marion Bridge

Opening Night for this play on the Globe Theatre's Main Stage is actually tomorrow. But because I've got another pick lined up for then, and today is another kind of slow day in Regina, I thought I'd post something on it now.

First off, Marion Bridge is written by Daniel MacIvor. Born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, MacIvor currently resides in Toronto. He's written extensively for both the stage and indie Canadian cinema. This dark comedy is sent in his home province and concerns the strained relationship of three wildly divergent sisters who reunite after years apart to help care for their dying mom.

How divergent are they? Well, one's a soap opera addict. Another's a struggling actress with a drinking problem. And the third is a nun. So outside of the same last name (MacKeigan), and the time they spent growing up together, the sisters (who are played by Judy Wensel, Liz Gilroy and Laura Condlin respectively), don't have a lot in common.

Amazingly, however, after spending a few days feeling each other out, the sisters bond when they discover that they share a common love of NFL football, and with the help of two nubile exotic dancers with hearts of gold in town for "Duos Week" at the local strip club, are able to provide their mother -- okay, that last part's probably going too far. But ladies, if you're looking to persuade your guy to see this play with you feel free to embellish things a bit with an NFL or NASCAR reference. Then make it up to him on Valentine's Day.

Marian Bridge plays at the Globe Theatre Jan. 20-Feb. 6.

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