Pick of the Day: Love & Savagery

Second day of the Ice & Fire Winter Carnival is on today at the Rider practice Field from 1-6 p.m., don't forget. And if you need a place to warm up after, the RPL Theatre is screening the following two films tonight.

At 7 p.m., it's Love & Savagery. Set in 1969, this Canadian-Irish co-production is directed by John N. Smith, and involves a Newfoundland geologst/poet who travels to Ireland to examine a geological wonder called the "Burren", where he meets and falls for a local lass named Cathleen. Here's the trailer (YouTube)

The second movie, which screens at 9 p.m., is called Inside Hana's Suitcase. It's a Canada-Czech co-production directed by Larry Weinstein, and concerns a group of Japanese school children who, under the direction of their teacher, solve the mystery of a girl named Hana Brady whose name is on a battered suitcase that they received from the notorious WWII concentration camp Auschwitz. Here's a clip from the movie (YouTube)

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