Canadian Cynic is on to something

The gang at that blog (Canadian Cynic) is demanding that Conservative politicians, who said that they were so busy with work that Parliament had to be prorogued, account for their time off work. Well, one of them -- Randy Hoback (Prince Albert) -- should provide a report to his constituents and the House of Commons about the price of suntan oil in California during his vacation (Prince Albert Daily Herald). Lazy idiot.


Patrick Ross said...

Hmmmmm. Any other Canadian vacationers you'd like to call "lazy idiots"?

Steve Cameron said...

Nice! CC links back to you and you suddenly get some idiotic right-wing snark in the comments free of charge. If Patrick thinks that it's fine to take the extreme measure of proroguing parliament because there's oh so much "work" to do in government that can't be done when in session with those pesky opposition MPs getting in the way, maybe he should clarify that "work" to a Harper Conservative apparently includes working on a tan.

Patrick Ross said...


Looks like Stevie's trying to earn some kiss-up points with Robert Peter John Day.

(He likes slathering sycophancy, Steve. You're on the right track.)

I guess Steve must operate under the delusion that backbench MPs are integral to the operation of government -- and must miss the significance of the factoid that Hoback's vacation took place entirely within the recess scheduled prior to the proroguement.

Not to mention that Robbie himself insisted it was OK for Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff to take vacations because they took them during recess as of the previously schedule.

He was actually right.

Which means it's also fine for Randy Hoback to take a vacation.

(Were it Harper, Flaherty, or his cabinet in question, matters would be different.)

This is just another case of Robert Peter John Day wanting to have everything any which way he wants it.

Unfortunately for him, he can't have it.