Six In The Morning: Copenhagen Edition

The conference to save humanity from man-made* environmental catastrophe has arrived. Are we going to screw it up? Oh, probably. Here's what's happened and happening.

1 CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE OPENS And the climate clock has ticked to zero. (New York Times)

2 WAKE THE FUCK UP, PEOPLE Fifty-six newspapers share the same editorial. Because the issue is actually that important. Here's the unprecedented editorial and here's the story behind it. (Toronto Star, Guardian)

3 CANADA SUCKS A recap on of our nation's climate crimes. (Globe and Mail)

4 PLUNGE IN THE POLLS? Environment could be a weak spot for Tories, says pollster. (The Hill Times)

5 GREENPEACE MAKES A POINT Activists are arrested after they climb Parliament and unfurl banners. (CBC)

6 CALGARY CORPS PASS ON COPENHAGEN It's politics, not business, say oilmen. Plus yeah, they'd get really, really yelled at. (Calgary Herald)

*A sexist phrase that's true in this case. Down with penises!

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