Rosie's Top Six (maybe the last for a while, maybe)

Reason number six will illustrate why, hopefully to your satisfaction … though I would also say that there’s no way right now I can compete with the awesome posts made by Gordeaux and Paul recently. (prairie dog)

NOT AGAIN … In an effort to keep from explaining why the Canadian Armed Forces aided and abetted those torturing prisoners in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Harper is again threatening to prorogue Parliament (The Globe and Mail). I don’t think I could write anything better than what Canadian Cynic (Canadian Cynic) and The Galloping Beaver (The Galloping Beaver) have already said. Except for James Travers, of course (Toronto Star)

ALBERTA MEDIA, YOU’VE BEEN PUNK’D! Delegates at the Copenhagen climate treaty talks weren’t the only ones who were taken in by the pranksters. So was another source of hot air production, talk-show host Dave Rutherford. (Big City Liberal)

ELDERLY SENIORS DIVORCE TO AFFORD HEALTH CARE The next time someone tries to tell you that right-wing governments are pro-family values, hit them with this story (Challenging the Commonplace). Hopefully you don’t break your laptop doing it.

SCHOOLYARD FIGHT When the Sask. Party announced that it was taking over the duty of setting mill rates (and, therefore budgets) for school boards, few objected (apart from John Conway) because the province already negotiated contracts with teachers, support staff etc. on a province-wide basis. But since the government can’t promise all the money the school boards say they need to keep operating, they’re now caught between a rock and a hard place (Leader-Post).

SOMETHING TO WATCH My university buddy Will Dixon deconstructs and skewers the ‘Save local TV’ campaign. Apparently, we’re not going to be saving much. (Uninflected Images Juxtaposed)

LOOK WHO’S HERE Tammy and I are parents for the third time. Welcome to the world Caitlin Elizabeth LaRose Olmstead, who arrived Saturday afternoon, weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces. Right now, Mom’s a little sore, so I’ll let The Verve do the speaking for me. (YouTube)


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Barb Saylor said...

Congratulations ditto! Enjoy your wee girl.
On Topic #4, a couple of corrections: the govt. only negotiates salaries with teachers, not local working conditions, and they do not negotiate anything with support staff; that is strictly local. Will that situation change because of the removal of the millrate from local control? I believe it will; it's only logical, because now only the province controls the purse-strings. And, for the record, school boards all across the province objected, both individually and through their association, to losing the power to set the local millrate, and we cited the possibilities inherent in an economic downturn. We understood, however, that the loss of autonomy was inevitable. For years there was much talk at the provincial level of adopting the "Alberta Model", and last year's Reiter Report on education taxes pretty much put the stamp of approval on it. Most of us, Dr. Conway included, thought that the govt. would phase in the change, starting with the long-touted commercial pooling. Instead, the govt. opted to take the whole thing, with the promise that a fair, transparent, and reliable funding formula would be forthcoming. Looks like that will happen later rather than sooner.

Gordeaux said...

Aww, thanks for the gloss, buddy.

Congrats on the new arrival, my friend.

Hopefully we can catch up this winter. No doubt I'll be in town at least a couple times.


EmilyZ said...

Congrats, so much! From me and Mr. Tremblay.

Stephen LaRose said...

Thank you . EmilyZ, do you mean the esteemed Georgie P. Tirebiter?