Pick of the Day: Harvest King Xmas

Had tonight's Christmas party been held a couple of years ago it almost certainly would have been at the Manhattan Room. That's because most of the principles involved with Harvest King Records, both on the management and talent side, have roots in that late, great punk venue. But that club, alas, is no more. So the party's at the Exchange. Featured bands on the bill include Geronimo (pictured), Kleins96, Lazy MKs, and Orbital Express.

And if you happen to be downtown tonight, The City Streets are playing a gig at O'Hanlon's Pub. Here's video of them performing "Yer Ghosts" in the offices of the Edmonton alt-weekly equivalent of prairie dog called Vue in 2008. (YouTube) Gee, if we weren't bordering on persona non grata in Regina we could do that with bands here. Oh well.

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