Pick of the Day: Combat Improv

For some time now, Regina has boasted a pretty active improv scene. The trailblazers, of course, were the General Fools (pictured). Starting out with shows in the mid-'90s at the Royal Sask Museum, and continuing on with short and long-form improv performances at the Exchange and the Globe that owed more to theatre than sketch comedy, they inspired dozens of young Reginans to take up the art themselves.

While the Fools reunite from time to time, most of them have moved on to other gigs -- some as actors, others as teachers, librarians and whatnot. The improv scene's still got some zip to it though. I think they're taking a break over the holidays, but a group called Mix Improv has been doing regular Thursday night shows at Aegean Coffee & Tea on Hamilton & 12th. And for several years now, Combat Improv has been doing monthly shows at the Exchange. There's one there tonight, in fact. So if you're in the mood for some improv, check it out.

I couldn't find any video of Combat Improv to post. So here's a short featuring Tatiana Maslany of the General Fools which was filmed in Toronto a few years ago as part of showcase of young Canadian improv talent. (YouTube)

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