Pick of the Day: Agonal

When we think of Christmas music we usually think of feel-good tunes with copious references to snow, holiday decorations, tasty treats, presents and all-round fellowship and good cheer. Yeah, there's the odd song out there like AC DC's yuletide classic "Mistress for Christmas" (YouTube). But they're few and far between. Considering that retailers, radio stations, churches and whatnot start flogging Xmas music shortly after Hallowe'en these days, there's a not inconsiderable number of people out there, I imagine, who have pretty much had their fill of Christmas music by now. If you fall into that category, have I got a show for you.

It's happening tonight at O'Hanlon's Pub. It features local headbangers Agonal backed up by Saskatoon metalmeisters Lavagoat, and is billed as a Metal Xmas Show. Formed from the remnants of two stalwarts of Regina's metal scene, Dirtbred and Scarifier, Agonal takes its name from the medical term for the slow cessation of breathing in a person as death overakes them. Having recently been at the bedside of an elderly relative when she passed away I could elaborate on that process. But I won't, other than to note that in her instance it was peaceful and pain-free. And if you're looking for another blast of metal Xmas music, here's Twisted Sister's "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" (YouTube)

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