(Not-So) New Dog!

Yesterday was busy and today your excellent prairie dog editor has been a little slow in the brain so this bi-weekly update on the AWESOME EXCITING NEW ISSUE OF PRAIRIE DOG EXCLAMATION POINT! is late (the new dog came out yesterday). But yeah, basically: new paper on the streets! To sum up: it's good. I don't' know if it's quite the must-read our last edition was--"how the Climate Liars F#@ked the Future" might be my favourite cover story of 2009--but I know that if I didn't work here I'd read it and like it.

So what do we have for you this issue? Well, we have (drumroll):

92 WAYS TO STUFF A STOCKING! Looking for ideas to fill your favourite person's Christmas sock (or non-denominational fabric-based foot garb or secular/atheist leg-end appendage receptacle)? We have ideas! A whole LIST of ideas! (Guess how many ideas ! Ninety-two you guess? Ding ding, that's right! (How did you know?) Basically, we talk about the stock-stuffy merit of items like coffee, cigars, hand lotion, harmonicas, condoms, rubber snakes and dead, frozen mice. As usual this is not a list anyone competent would print but hey it's what makes prairie dog so special and unique.

(Also, did you see how : I typed "a whole" up there? That's a very naughty homonym! Ha ha!)

We've also got news stories on CLAC, the controversial Christian union that wants workers to earn less, and a feature on the residents turfed from their Halifax St. apartment by the fire marshal, and a good Gywnne Dyer column and a great opinion piece by John "the "F' stands for "ferocious" Conway, and a lot more.

And a good review of the Fainting Goat, and a short column on parenting that we're already getting fan mail on. And probably the best, meanest letter we got this year, from a guy in Lumsden who finds our insult-hurling idiom a little stupid and childish (which it is!)

In short, good issue I think. I recommend you pick it up.


Fan of the Dog said...

Thanks for the "They Might Be Giants" kids music tip in the 92 ways to stuff a stocking article. I just downloaded some songs for my nephew, and I've been laughing all morning.

Barb Saylor said...

Now, if only you could spell homonym...

Stephen Whitworth said...

I see Barb Saylor doesn't like my homonym/hominid hybrid. It could've been the world's first upright-walking grammar mutant, but nooo. I thought the world was ready for my mad-scientist genius. Guess not.

(Thanks for the correction!)