Je m'en souviens trop...

20 years later and I still feel like crying.

"Au-dela du 6 decembre" is a firsthand doc of the experience, filmed in 1991.

Other coverage:

CTV Montreal has a few good pieces on the anniversary, including a typical "Marc Lepine was crazy (but you can't blame him, can you?)" comment, as enraging now as it was then. I remember many men saying this at the time, or variants of it, in the days after the killings. Many men didn't. 20 years later and that divide is exactly where it was then.

It's time to put this thing to rest. It's unfortunate that 14 women had to lose their lives to a crazed killer. The gun registry has never deterred a killer and the gun registry will only determine after the fact if the killers had a gun. Harper was fully justified in redirecting $5 million from the administrative budget of Status of Women Canada, closing branch offices and ending funding for women's research and advocacy groups. Do such entities exist for men's rights? Advocacy groups do nothing except to espouse entitlement views. The research group are there to produce unfounded study after study and very often conflicting studies to support the advocacy groups!

We already have gender equality legislation and even more in the works!

The Sunday Edition had a great anniversary show in its second hour today. The audio for the show is posted on Monday.

The Globe and Mail on the Conservatives scrapping the gun registry. There are a few doozies there in the comments too, from men and women. Yikes.

Oh, and JohnInMtl?

Fuck off.

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