Six In The Morning

1 HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Awfulness and arrests at the Toronto Humane Society. Suddenly I feel like writing a check to our local humane society. (Toronto Star)

2 BUT I THOUGHT EVERYTHING WAS ALWAYS THE FAULT OF UNIONS? Nortel hands out executive bonuses, screws workers over. (CBC)

3 ONE YEAR LATER It's the one-year anniversary of the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition that would've given the majority of Canadian voters who didn't vote for Stephen Harper direct representaion in government. But no everybody threw a tantrum and now democracy is ruined. Nice going. (Globe And Mail)

4 UGANDA VEERS FROM CIVILIZATION Batshit insane and evil legislation would spark a "gay witch hunt" and lead to lynchings, arrests, imprisonment and the death penalty for being gay, talking about homosexuality and not ratting people out. So where are the outraged Christian leaders? (Guardian)

5 CANADA VEERS FROM CIVILIZATION Scientists and politicians say we should be kicked out of the Commonwealth because our track record on global warming is so bad. (Guardian)

6 CITY UNION BACKS REGINA REC PLAN Read all about it. (Leader-Post)

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