Six In The Morning

1 HOCKEY PLAYER WITH FAMOUS DAD LEAVES CLOSET No idea how an editor who follows the NHL like a maniac missed this story from Tuesday about Toronto Maple Leaf Brian Burke's now-openly gay son, but shit happens I guess. (ESPN) Anyway, good news for civilization and people having the freedom to be who they are. Now let's see some honesty from NHL players. When even Don Cherry says he doesn't care if hockey players are gay, it's time. Oh, you can read more on this here. (Globe And Mail)

2 CONVICTED MASS MURDERER ROBERT PICKTON GETS APPEAL ON LAME TECHNICALITY Story here. Sometimes it's a real drag living in a country that respects the rule of law. (The Province)

3 SEX WORKER DEFENDS JOHNS Interesting read on a controversial topic--the decriminalization or legalization of prostitution. Maybe legal, paid sex would've protected women somewhat from monsters like Pickton? (The Georgia Straight)

4 ANOTHER THREAT FROM CLIMATE CHANGE Northern communities are literally not built to cope with it, says a federal advisory board. (CBC)

5 THE RED CROSS WAS WORRIED ABOUT TORTURE. WHY NOT THE FOREIGN MINISTER'S OFFICE? News like this makes it really embarrassing to decent Canadians that the resurgent Conservatives are leading in polls. (Toronto Star)

6 GREY CUP SEX: YES OR NO? The Leader-Post prints a stupid, purile story that I only read to the end because I was so disgusted with how far journalism has fallen. And also because the word "sex" was in the headline. (Leader-Post)

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