Six In The Morning

1 WE MUST HAVE 1.8 BILLION LYING AROUND HERE SOMEWHERE Thanks to incredible, shrinking potash revenues, Saskatchewan moves into budget deficit. NDP to have a field day in the legislature in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... (CBC)

2 HOTEL GROUP PLEDGES $10 MILLION FOR DOME Read about it here in the Leader-Post. This was before the news, by the way. (Leader-Post)

3 FOOD BANK USE RISING IN REGINA It's true. But I thought that if the economy was strong everything else would take care of itself. (Leader-Post)

4 IS CANADA COMPLICIT IN TORTURE? Probably. (Globe And Mail)

5 CONSERVATIVE PLAY THE ISRAELI CARD Federal opposition politicians attack Tory ads for grotesquely pandering to pro-Israeli voters. (Globe And Mail)

6 DEADLY DELAY The Copenhagen collapse is bad news for green industries, because it's causing wealthy countries to dawdle on climate plans and funding. (Guardian) Case in point... (Globe And Mail)

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