Six In The Morning

1 WE'LL FIX IT LATER United States President Barack Obama says it's too late in the game to expect a climate deal out of Copenhagen (Guardian). And also, his country's political and business class doen't believe in stuff like "science" and "facts" they'd never pass laws enforcing emissions limits. Okay he didn't say the second part. But he's totally thinking it.

2 AND OBAMA IS IN CHINA, TOO Sounds like he more or less successfully juggled the impossible job of not pissing people off too much in his town hall with Chinese students. He gently poked China's leadership on being totalitarian dicks but he also said fuzzywarm things about not containing China.

3 OLD-TIMEY SOLUTIONS The Province's new coyote bounty is wrongheaded, say critics (Leader-Post). But I thought randomly shooting animals always fixes everything. Isn't that how they did it in the 1800s? Has our understanding of the natural world changed in the past 200 years and I didn't get the memo? Good golly gee whiz.

4 NDP VOTE MESS TO MANITOBA in case you (like me) missed it, the Dwain Lingenfelter leadership forgery scandal thing is now being reviewed by Manitoba prosecutors. The RCMP turned the results of their investigation over recently. (StarPhoenix)

5 SPEAKING OF MANITOBA... A St. Boniface Tory is baffled and wounded that a school division refused her generous gift of party propagandha.

6 R.I.P. Edward Woodward, star of The Equalizer, Hot Fuzz and Hammer horror classic-for-the-ages The Wicker Man has died at age 79.

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Dakota said...

I'm glad someone is pointing out the problems with the coyote bounty.

For a second there, I was afraid Saskatchewan had become an out-of-touch, antiquated, backwater hillbilly province.