Rosie LaRose's Top six

LIVING OUTSIDE OF THE LAW On July 30, 71 days before his scheduled release, Brock Wiebe, who was convicted of sexual assault, got out of a Saskatchewan jail. But the public wasn't told – despite the Cons’ public pledge after a spate of escapes last year from the Regina Correctional Centre that they would inform the public every time there was a prisoner on the loose. (cbc.ca) So why would Corrections Minister Yogi Hughebaert be more worried about how the information was leaked than how the guy got out in the first place? (LP)

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A SCUZZBALL HAS TO MEET HIS VOTERS Republican Senator David Vitter was one of 30 Republicans voting against Al Franken’s amendment to the Defense Appropriations Act which would have withheld contracts to companies that prevented its employees from taking workplace sexual assault, battery and discrimination cases to court. He recently met one of his constituents – a victim of sexual assault. (Think Progress)

NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT Yo Murphy, who retired after winning the 2007 Grey Cup with the Roughriders, is the head coach of the Tampa Breeze of the Lingerie Football League. The problem with coaching the team, is that no matter how successful you are … who watches the game for the football action? (LP)

‘HE CAN’T EVEN RUN HIS OWN LIFE: I’LL BE DAMNED IF HE’LL RUN MINE …’ Like a lot of people who are to the left of Atilla the Hun and following Canadian politics, I jumped the gun on reporting the possible demise of the National Post. (prairie dog) On Friday, the paper was transferred to the newspapers division of Canwest Global (cbc.ca). So, the other papers in Canwest will be financially propping up a newspaper that's bleeding red ink like a butchered sow (globeinvestor.com). And it’s a newspaper whose editors have been happily telling us how to run our lives and our governments. (Canadian Cynic)

FIGHTING THE LAST ECONOMIC WAR Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman nails it – fighting a deficit doesn’t mean a thing if a generation of people have no jobs – and, therefore, no ability to pay income and sales taxes to pay down that deficit. (New York Times)

MAKE ‘EM LAUGH Ever wonder what Pulp Fiction would have been like with a laugh track?(Uninflected Images Juxtaposed) Ever wonder if Friends would have been funny without a laugh track? Wonder no more(YouTube). Thanks, Will Dixon, my old Drama 200 classmate.

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