Pick of the Day: Puppetry of the Penis

When Puppetry of the Penis first rolled through town seven or eight years ago I did a preview for prairie dog that entailed me attending a press conference where I, and other journalists, were treated to four "installations" by the two "puppeteers" -- complete with big-screen close-ups as happens during the actual performance.

I guess as a teenager I must have led a relatively sheltered life as I don't remember getting together with other boys, as the show's founders Dave Friendly and Simon Morley claimed to have done, to do tricks with their dicks. Genital origami, if you will.

Maybe it's an Australian thing? That country, after all, is subtropical while the climate in Canada is much colder. The obstacle that poses to boys (and men) from here being able to do tricks with their genetalia like recreating the Eiffel Tower or the Loch Ness Monster, while not insurmountable, is formidable.

Given the season, it would probably behoove the two performers featured in this touring production to ensure they're properly warmed-up before they take the stage tonight at Conexus Arts Centre (a dip in a hot tub, perhaps, or a stint in a sauna?) otherwise ...

Assuming I haven't already given you "too much information", here's a TV news report on Puppetry of the Penis. (YouTube)

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