Pick of the Day: Young Galaxy w/ Bend Sinister

I kind of lucked out with this post. Typically, you'd think a Monday night in mid-October in Regina would be pretty slow, and I'd be reduced to picking something lame like oh ... I don't know, polkaing-out to the Western Senators at Casino Regina's month-long Octoberfest celebration. Instead, it turns out that Montreal indie popsters Young Galaxy are in town tonight for a gig at the Exchange.

Originally a duo when formed by Stephen Ramsay and Catherine McCandless in Vancouver in 2005, the band released a self-titled CD on Arts & Crafts in 2007. Since then, they've added three members to flesh out their sound, and in August of this year independently released their sophomore album Invisible Republic. If you're a beer drinker, you might recognize their song "Come and See" which was featured in an Alexander Keith's commercial this summer.

Regardless, here's the video for their 2007 song "Outside the City" (YouTube)

Backing them up is the Vancouver band Bend Sinister. They've played O'Hanlon's before and, if I'm not mistaken, take their name from the title of a 1947 dystopian novel by Vladimir Nabokov. Here's video of their song "The Same Things" off their 2009 album Stories of Brothers, Tales of Lovers. (YouTube)

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