Pick of the Day: Library Voices w/ In-Flight Safety

Rumours have been circulating that Library Voices is on the verge of something big. While touring earlier this summer, the Regina-based band endured some internal strife and parted ways with a member or two. Considering that they originally stood at 10 members, it probably didn't hurt to trim down a bit, if only to simplify the logistics of practicing and touring together.

Mid-way through a national tour that will see them travel east from here to the Maritimes by the end of October, Library Voices stop by the Exchange tonight. To whet your appetite, here's video of them doing "Step Off the Map and Float" at a fundraiser in Vancouver this spring after their gear got ripped off when their trailer was stolen. (YouTube)

Backing them up on the tour is the Halifax band In-Flight Safety. Here's the video for their song "Surround". (YouTube)

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